Recruitment Message

Hello, thank you for being interested in joining our guild.

As you have probably already read; we are a top 15 siege-oriented guild. We have been able to participate in the siege-tournament twice and we are trying to improve our rank so that next time we may move further up into the bracket. We are a competitive guild with a chill environment. We look to provide a chill environment where you can grind, learn and improve through experience and hard work.

In order to join our guild we will need to you follow these steps:

1) We would like your .JSON file to compare your average rune and artifact efficiency to that of our current members. This process happens anonymously, all we see is stats and graphs.

2) We need an intricate look at your monster box. As you may know; meta monsters and defenses are very important in G3 siege. We can communicate via LINE, WSP, Discord or in-game chat to do this,.

3) Once this process is complete and you meet our standard, you will be offered a trial. At this time we'll monitor your siege performance and check if your shedule matches that of the guild.

The recruitment might be open or closed depending on how many members we already have or if the season is ending. You can ask via LINE or Discord (LINE ID: anasaber / Discord: Saber#4068) before applying.

We are predominately an English speaking guild, but a lot of us also speak Spanish and French.
Recruitment Application

Required fields are marked with a *.
Fields are marked with a * required only one to be completed.

Special note, you will need to enter at least one of the following: email address, discord ID, line chat ID or whatsapp.

So that guild leaders will know which guild you are applying for
To identify you to guild leaders.
To help guild leaders know where you are coming from.
A good place for guild leaders to reach you. It is recommended you do NOT use your HIVE account email address.
Discord ID:*
Your discord ID.
Line Chat ID:*
Your line chat ID.
WhatsApp ID:*
Your WhatsApp ID.
Used by guild leaders to understand if you will fit in with the guild's schedule.
Tell guild leaders why you are a good fit. Why should they choose you? What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses?
Guild leaders will compare your monsters, runes and artifacts vs the guild you are applying for.

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